Does your IT provider only fix tech issues?

There is more to working with IT than fixing tech issues

Technology has truly become the driving force behind most businesses, and companies continue to become more dependent on IT as our workforce moves to remote and hybrid environments.  

Many IT providers have not adapted their business to fit the needs of SMBs today. Technology can be an incredible asset to a business if they allow it to work for them rather than against them.  Proactive technology alignment and strategic planning can propel your business into the future.

Take a moment to consider your current IT service provider, be on the lookout for key items: 

Do they have a proactive process to regularly review your technology? 
Are they able to discuss technology strategy that looks a minimum of 12 months into the future? 
What do they know about your core business, and how can they contribute to your growth and success?  
Have they asked about your business plan, and what your key priorities are over the next 1-3 years? 

Simply implementing monitoring software isn’t enough to keep IT environments secure and businesses thriving.

It is essential that there is a proactive process in place where the MSP regularly reviews your technology environment. Technology should be a vehicle to help you reach your business goals! Learn how KDH can help you accomplish this.